Couples Massage in the Winter

In Wintertime, no one likes to leave their house or apartment. With Amazon and Seamless, there’s little reason to. Even the supermarkets now deliver. Are we becoming a nation of homebodies? It sure looks like it. But is that really such a bad thing?

Couples massage at home is not a new idea. There have been companies providing on-demand massage for a while, before apps, before websites, even. But way back when it was just a phone number that you call, most were unaware of this hidden gem of a service. It was a secret, well-maintained numbers for a premium service shared by those in-the-know. After all, no one wanted to “blow up” the number, making the licensed therapists at the other end perpetually unavailable.

Winter In The Country – Alaska by CC

We leave the house to take out the trash. That’s about it. So far, there’s no robot to do that, but I’m sure it’s on the horizon. How could it not be? We all love convenience, the ability to stay in our pajamas until noon on a weekend. When it’s snowing, of course staying in is a grand idea. Apartment dwellers not having to leave the shelter of their building have no excuse, however. Still, the garbage-robot will be here soon, I assure you!

In the winter, we love hibernating. Like bears, we eat more, fatten up, and sleep. The only difference is, most of us have to punch a clock, or at least occupy a cubicle or desk in an office or large room with others for eight hours out of the day. No bear in their right mind would be jealous of that.

Long gone are the days of Christmas or Hanukkah shopping, trekking over to the town mall to see what wares are offered that our relatives might like. Instead, we cozy up with our laptops under the covers, and pick a few items from Amazon or Ebay. And that’s it. Done. So how could the habit of journeying over to the day spa endure? One word: Ignorance. I’m not saying people are ignorant and dumb, but rather they are woefully unaware of the possibilities. If everyone knew of massage on-demand, no one would bother visiting the day spa any more.

Fence In The Fog by Paul VaDerWerf by CC

Winter is gone and over before we know it. At most,there are about one hundred or so days, depending on climate, with which we can enjoy the solace and comfort of just lounging around the house with the heat system pumped up to the limit, sipping hot cocoa while snowflakes gather on the windowpanes. If you don’t stop to watch the snow fall, you may miss it. And, that would just be too sad.

If you’ve never had a couples massage, I’ll briefly explain: Two people, husband and wife, lovers, husband and husband, wife and wife, sisters, friends – anyone really – lie side by side on massage tables while licensed massage therapists knead away at their knots. The therapists come to you. So if leaving your cozy apartment furnished with your favorite things isn’t in your plans, yet you want a massage with your bestie, there’s still hope. Oh, modernity, thank you so much for convenience!

© De Alba Francis

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